so this morning as i was getting ready to leave for work, i glanced at the kitchen table with our jack-o-lanterns on it, and low-and-behold, it was like all three pumpkins had wet the bed.

gross rotten pumpkin juice was everywhere, and the pumpkins themselves were all collapsed and all green and furry on the inside. EWWWWW.

so i spent an extra 10 mins trying to clean it up and then drag the heavy stupid things to the garbage can. my leg got splattered with more rotten gross pumpkin juice and i was trying not to gag.

never! again!

Hooray for Halloween!

So carmen and  will came over to carve pumpkins last night, and it was super fun.  Behold our works of art:

From L to R: Carmen's "Bats'n'Beads" creation, Will's angry pumpkin, Brandon's goofy pumpkin and my very very very boring, nondescript, traditional and uncreative pumpkin named Pumpkinmoto (he's Japanese. Like me.)

We had one extra pumpkin left over, so after arguing back and forth on what to carve on it (like the Arsenal cannon crest), we decided to carve a cow.

Those are the udders at the bottom. And no, those aren't weird chunks bitten out from its back. Those are "spots."
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One thing.

Taken last weekend after bees and I went to the Korean supermarket for really cheap fruits/veggies.

Hahaha, take out the Fergie and it's literally straight out of the late 1990's. Well, replace the "Fergie" with "Wild Orchid," and you'd be all set.

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One random thought: the LA Freecycle group is pretty boring--as in, no one really asks for outrageous things and people pretty much seem to follow the rules. Tues night, I met up with some lady to give her a free bag and she even gave me a huge hug.

But yesterday, I saw this post:

WANTED: Baby stuff

I have a 4 month old who's getting bored of her toys. Please let me know if
you have anything you're ready to get rid of - including activity centers,
bouncy chairs etc.! Thanks.

I don't know anything about child development, but your baby is four months old. Isn't that a little too young to get bored?

I was just imagining this tiny infant throwing her stuffed animal at her mom, yelling "WHAT THE HELL, MOM. YOU THINK I'M RETARDED OR SOMETHING?? AT LEAST TRY TO ENTERTAIN ME HERE. JESUS CHRIST, YOU DISAPPOINT ME." 

Anyway, other than that, I think I am doing really, really, really well. :)
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I am having a good weekend so far:

  1. I read American Born Chinese by that Chinese American dude. It was good but I don't really think it was as amazing to win all those awards.
  2. Brandon and I went to Best Buy not once but TWICE in a row. We [me] bought a scanner so we can start scanning our photos for random archival purposes [aka showing everyone I know that funny pictures of my dad with an afro]
  3. We ate a half-lunch at this restaurant on Hillhurst. Which was a half lunch because we weren't even that hungry.
  4. Scanned photos.
  5. Played Guitar Hero II with Brandon. I totes suck.
  6. Caught up on all my Ugly Betty, except that ONE EPISODE IS MISSING and I don't know where it went. But seriously, best show ever. I think it even tops the Office. I hate to say it, but this Office season has been so up and down with each episode that I'm starting to miss last year. But Ugly Betty??? Maybe also because the new assistant, Nick, who is such the white frat boy jerk, totally reminds me of the white frat boy jerk assistant who I have to deal with almost on a daily basis. God I hate that guy so much.
  7. I have a serious new crush on Henry. Maybe it's the dark hair and glasses. Move over, John Krasinski. Henry makes my heart go pitter patter now. :)
  8. I ate two onigiri and a mini chocolate cake from Famima and now I feel kind of nauseous.
  9. My sister finally bought her wedding dress. Woot.
  10. I think I am getting a little obsessed with the art by Brian Lee O'Malley. Yeah, I know, Brandon's the one that gave me the books to read even though I thought this guy was just ripping off manga styles until I realized he was half Asian (because that makes it OKAY) and now I am in love. I wish I could draw and write like him. I was super excited when I found out he was also a Diana Wynne Jones fan because omg she is the best writer ever so great minds think alike, right?
Tomorrow is another Arsenal game. I think I will sleep through it (as always).

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I did it! I baked my own cinnamon buns (not rolls) yesterday.

Um, this is them unbaked but after I left them rise a bit over a warm stove. For some reason, I think they look more delicious unbaked.

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What a cheesy picture. But I like it. It's a nice reminder that work isn't everything, even though I seem to spend 85% of my life here.

Palm Desert next weekend! Biking all this coming weekend! 

B and I picked up my stupid old bike from the Bike Kitchen last Saturday, and managed to wander around the neighborhood all weekend (after picking up his new road bike, of course. Happy Birthday.). I realized how much I suck at cycling, I don't really like the gears on my old bike, and going downhill is just great.

Regardless of realizing that my new bike is really old and kind of stupid, I'm so excited to travel around on it!!!! 

Places we plan to visit, via bike:

1. Scoops. Okay, already done once when we went to pick up the stupid bike itself, but I really want to try this on our post-dinner-lets-get-a-pint-for-dessert runs at night. I just need a front headlight. Maybe I'll just ducktape an old flashlight and use that.

2. Larchmont Pizzeria. The best thing is that the whole Hancock Park area is F-L-A-T!

3. My parents' house, and then up to Lake Hollywood

4. Down Los Feliz Blvd and around the LA River Bike Path. Wooot! Except the Los Feliz Blvd makes me feel a little anxious.

5. Will's house! Only because it's the farthest bike-able distance I can think of. Um...I dunno what I'd do after we get there. Probably fall asleep on his couch while they watch something boring like The Wire. That show = zzzzz. I don't care what you say.

Hopefully we'll be able to bring our bikes to Palm Desert and bike around there on the awesomely flat streets they have there.

Hahaha, notice my excitement over FLAT streets? I'm such a wuss. I can't go uphill. I suck.


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Moments when you're just kinda like, "Really, what is the point of doing ANTYHING?":

When you put toilet seat paper on the toilet but then have it all fall into the water by the time you sit down to pee so you just sit on the bare seat.

What the eff.